Camp Chayolei will implement a plan to try and prevent COVID-19 from entering our camp. In addition, Camp Chayolei will have the procedures in place to detect it early, contain it and care for those infected, should COVID-19 get into camp.

Camp Chayolei works under the direction of Dr. Kurtzer, director of 3 medical centers and who is a active medical staff member of Geisinger Community Hospital in Pennsylvania, who has treated hundreds of patients with Covid-19 and has guided many institutions and individuals through the pandemic. Dr. Kurtzer has graciously helped us as we continue building our protocols for delivering a safe and healthy summer for our campers and staff.

Camper and Staff Arrival


All Campers and Staff who have antibodies for Covid 19 or who tested negative for the COVID-19 test prior to coming to camp, will be permitted into the camp. 

Before campers and staff board our buses, they will be temperature scanned.

If a camper becomes ill with any suspected symptoms of Covid-19 while at camp, the camper will be quarantined and may be sent home based on the advice of our medical staff.

Emergency Contact:

In order to be allowed into camp every Camper and Staff member must have a “residence or group” within 3 hours drive that will take responsibility for the camper or staff member in the event they must leave camp for any reason, specifically injury or sickness. This can NOT include a grandparent or elderly relative or who have other underlying medical conditions and are unable to take the risk of caring for a Covid-19 positive camper/staff member.

Camper and Staff Cabin Arrangements and Schedule

Group Units:

Every Camper will be assigned to a Bunk and a Group Unit once in camp. Campers will reside in their assigned bunk, for sleeping, showering etc. The Camp Schedule is being structured so that campers will stay with their Group Unit, or division for the duration of camp, including dining, sports, learning and other activities. 

Campers and staff will practice some form of social distancing wherever possible. 

Beds will be spaced so that campers will sleep head to toe wherever possible to increase the spacing. 

There will be a physical barrier placed between each camper’s bed.

Sports and other Equipment:

All equipment will be sanitized and disinfected in between uses.

All kitchen staff will be required to wear masks while working (if feasible) and adhere to social distance guidelines for the 1st week of camp

Specialty Staff that is not assigned to a Divisional Unit will reside in a separate staff Cabin. When interacting with a different Group Unit, specialty staff will abide by social distancing guidelines to the best of their ability.

Dining Room Procedures:

The Dining room tables will be spaced apart, Group Units will dine together, staying distanced from other Group Units. There will be no buffet style service this summer.

All tablecloths, cutlery and plates will be disposable only.

Visiting Day has been cancelled.

No trips this summer to non-quarantined facilities.

Entry and Re-Entry:

Entry and or Re-Entry into camp will be limited. It is not possible to keep a complete bubble due to the need to leave for emergencies, and the need to bring in food, physicians, cleaning crews and emergency repair crews. However, it must be understood that we will be keeping the camp as protected from exposure as possible by limiting the amount of entry and exit and by socially distancing. This means that no staff may leave camp. Staff members’ spouses will be required to follow the same guidelines as staff before entering camp and they must mask during any time they are in contact with campers. The spouse may NEVER enter any bunk house of any child.

High risk campers and staff: Due to our desire to put safety and health above all else, there will be no staff above the age of 60 allowed to work in camp this summer. In addition, there will be no camper or staff with high risk factors allowed into camp. Sadly, for those campers/staff to attend would present too great a risk to their well being.

Cleaning and Disinfecting: All commonly used surfaces will be sanitized and disinfected daily. 

Hand sanitizing soap will be available in every cabin as well as throughout camp to supplement hand washing procedures. Division Heads will be trained on symptom identification. Infirmary staff will monitor and address any identifying areas of concern.

Our kitchen and dining room will also be disinfected after every meal.

Infirmary: An outdoor waiting area will be established for regular sick visits, allowing for proper spacing between those waiting. There will be 1 cabin designated as a quarantine cabin should the need arise to isolate a sick camper. PPE will always remain available to maintain the utmost level of protection.


As much as we will attempt to keep Covid-19 out of camp, we understand that it is not totally in our control. With that being said, it is important that we design a plan of action if Covid-19 enters the camp.

Each Division Head will be equipped with an infrared thermometer. Division Heads will be trained on symptom identification and daily temperature checks. Infirmary staff will monitor and address any identifying areas of concern.

Medical Staff will be trained to identify all known COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone found to have,suspected symptoms will be quarantined. Parents will be notified.

Parents of a staff member or camper showing symptoms will be notified immediately and be explained the process of monitoring, isolating, and testing.

Managing and Containing COVID-19:

Modified Isolation:

Modified Isolation occurs whenever a possible case of COVID-19 is suspected and tested for. Suspected patients will be immediately isolated from the rest of the camp population. There will be no mingling of patients with fever until patient test results are negative.

Individuals will be restricted to a quarantine site until either a positive diagnosis to a condition not related to COVID-19 is found, or they test negative is sent home.

Food is brought to the patient by Infirmary staff with proper PPE.

Quarantine Cabin:

We will keep 1 location empty.
Campers and staff with COVID-19 symptoms will either be tested or be sent home for further evaluation.