I would like to thank your entire camp for taking care

of my son Shmulie for the entire summer.

You have definitely helped him increase in his learning

and Yiras Shamayim and yes, he also had fun!

Your counselors were excellent.

We had first-hand experience with your health care as well (our midnight ambulance ride!)

Please continue what you are doing

and we look forward to next year.


Warmest Regards,


Tamar Dickel

  Postville, IA 



Dear Camp Chayolei,

Thank you for giving my son Mendel a great summer!!

He still talks about it!!


Shulie Green

Miami FL



Dear camp chayolei,

I would like to give a big yasher koach for the wonderful years my boys spent in camp.

They came back with a chayus in learning and a chayus in yiddishkeit.safety always came first and the boys truly felt part of a big family.

Rabbi spritzer added to the spirit and personally took my son home to start yeshiva on time in mexico .

Hatzlacha in all your efforts and may we be zoiche to see chayolei in yerushalayim with moshiach .


Tova mayzlesh




Thank you, Camp Chayolei, for giving our son a most memorable and enjoyable summer.

My boys said, from the moment you wake up it’s fun.

The number one feeling at the camp is Achdus. The staff makes sure to include all the boys, being sensitive to those that are more shy.

They said Shabbos was outstanding, very laibidik – singing and dancing and they loved the activities and trips too.

Another good thing about your camp is, that our son made lots of new friends while at camp and still keeps in contact with them.

He had been at 2 other overnight camps in the years previous, and he rates Camp Chayolei as his number 1 camping experience.

With wishes for your continued success,


Sincerely Yours,


Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Spivak

Thornhill, Ontario



We are just coming from 770 where we had an amazing Farbrengen on Kaf-Dalet Tevet in honor of our son’s bar-mitzvah. We came up from Miami and a group of our son’s friends – campers, counselors, and learning teachers got together. It was like they were in camp again. Wow, if this is just a taste of Chayolei Hamelech in the Winter – I want to be a camper again!

Rabbi Boaz Levy

Miami, Florida