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1st Session
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Camp Dates

2020 / 5780

1st Session: 4 weeks

Starts: Monday. June 29 (7 Tammuz)
Ends: Tuesday. July 28 (7 Av)

2nd Session: 4 + weeks

Starts: Tuesday. July 28 (7 Av)
Ends: Monday. August 24 (4 Elul)

EGP (8th grade program): 8 weeks

Ends: Monday. August 24 (4 Elul)

Visiting Days:

Sunday July 12 (20 Tammuz) & Sunday August 9 (19 Av)
From 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. (City time)
Any other visits must be pre-arranged with the camp director at 718 755 7621

Bus Schedule

Departure to Camp:

Each camper is allowed 2 pieces of luggage and a small bag for Tefillin and food on the bus. Items such as refrigerators and bicycles cannot be brought to camp.

1st session

Buses will be departing Crown Heights on Monday June 29 at 10:30 AM sharp, from the corner of President St. and Kingston ave. outside F.R.E.E. Shul (All campers must have a bus pass either in print or the smart phone version). Luggage should be dropped off at the same location on Sunday June 28th between 4-5 PM.

2nd session

Bus will be departing Crown Heights on Tuesday July 28 at 10:30 AM sharp, from the corner of President St. and Kingston ave. outside F.R.E.E. Shul (All campers must have a bus pass either in print or the smart phone version). Luggage should be brought to the bus with your child.

Arrival from Camp:

1st session

Bus will be arriving in Crown Heights on Tuesday July 28 at approximately 7:00 PM, to the corner of President St. and Kingston ave.

Luggage will be arriving at the same location, and at approximately the same time.

Any campers catching night flights should book nights flights for after 10:00 PM or the next day, in case of any delays.

Buses will arrive back in CH at the end of camp for EGP (8th grade) on Monday August 24 (4 Elul) at approximately 6:30 PM for Maariv in 770. Any campers catching flights should book nights flights for after 10:00 PM or the next day, in case of any delays.

For updates please call our Pennsylvania office at 570-576-0405 or check our website.


3rd-6th grades (Gan) – $1900 1st session. $2000 2nd session. $3800 both sessions*
7th grades (SGP) – $2100 1st session. $2200 2nd session. $4200 both sessions*
8th grades (EGP) – $3500* (all 1 session)

A $400 deposit must accompany every application which will go towards your tuition fees and will be refunded if we cannot accommodate your application. For your convenience we accept all major credit cards.

*Additional $200 discount will be applied for those who are eligible for the “Summer Food Service Program”.
*Additional $100.00 discount will be applied for EARLY BIRDS.

Please check the “eligibility guidelines” while filling out your application.


Answers to the most common questions.

Where will my child live?2020-01-02T22:07:56-05:00

Cabins sleep approximately 12 campers in bunk beds and two staff members. Every camper is assigned a set of cubbies for storing personal items and some shelf space. Each cabin is equipped with its own bathroom (toilets and sinks) and electricity.

How are cabin assignments made?2020-01-02T08:01:34-05:00

Bunk assignments are made on the basis of school grade and/or chronological age, and social and emotional maturity.

Can my child request to be with his best friend?2020-01-02T18:03:19-05:00

You may request up to two placement requests per camper. All placement requests must be submitted in writing and placed on the appropriate space on the camper’s application. We do our very best to place your child with at least one of his requests. Please note: bunk placements requests are not guaranteed.

Do you offer financial assistance?2020-01-02T18:04:06-05:00

Yes. Financial assistance is available for current members in good standing. Once your completed camper application and deposit are received, we will send you the necessary financial assistance forms and/or information. All financial assistance applications are treated confidentially and reviewed thoroughly by a committee. Financial assistance is determined by the full picture, and are given on a first come basis.

How do you select, train and supervise your staff?2020-01-02T08:04:27-05:00

At Camp Chayolei, a great deal of pride is taken in the members of its staff, who provide a stable and caring home for campers all summer long. The staff is comprised of Yeshivah students, and professionals in various fields. Each year, we look for competent and energetic young adults to fill our staff positions. While many have grown up in Crown Heights, others join us from across the country and around the world – all bringing their own special gifts to share. An extensive training program is provided at the start of the summer season, and is ongoing throughout the summer. During the summer, staff are supervised and evaluated by members of our camp leadership team, all of whom have proven experience overseeing the work of staff members.

Will my child be safe while at camp?2020-01-02T08:04:49-05:00

At Chayolei we are dedicated to providing safe and secure environments for our campers and staff. Chayolei conducts regular safety and security reviews and evaluation, and works closely with local law enforcement officials to make sure our safety standards and practices are the best they can be. The health and welfare of our community will always be our top concern.

How can I get a camp T-shirt for my child?2020-01-13T11:53:08-05:00

Camp Chayolei provides each camper with a camp T-shirt and a Yarmulka. Camp also has a variety of clothing with the camp logo on it, we have Baseball Caps, Sweat Jackets, Towels, additional T- Shirts, and additional Yarmulkas. To place an order, please contact us by phone or e mail. (Items will soon also be available for purchase online.)

How will my child’s laundry get done?2020-01-02T18:04:38-05:00

Campers through the sixth grade should have enough clothing with them to last at least 10 days. Laundry is sent out of camp approximately once a week. The laundry comes back washed and dried. It is important to label the clothing with the camper’s name in case laundry gets lost. Campers from the seventh grade and up are taken to local Laundromats to do their own laundry and should come prepared with money and detergent.

How will my child get to and from camp?2020-01-02T08:05:42-05:00

Parents are responsible for bringing their children to the buses that leave from the corner of Kingston and President Street on opening day and picking them up on closing day.

How will I stay in touch with my child?2020-01-13T11:51:27-05:00

Camp offers kids and parents the chance to develop a rarely practiced skill – letter writing. We strongly recommend that parents write to their children multiple times a week. A card, letter or e-mail, arriving regularly, does more for camper morale than anything else. In addition campers usually have a chance to call home briefly before shabbos.

Can parents call the camp to check on their children?2020-01-02T08:06:19-05:00

Parents are welcome to call the Camp during the summer to find out how their children are doing. After we receive your call, the parent contact or your camper’s unit head will call you back, within 24 hours.

Can I visit my child while they are at camp?2020-01-02T18:05:54-05:00

There are two designated visiting days, one per session, when parents are encouraged to come and show their child support, it is a nice opportunity for grandparents to visit on these days too.

How’s the food?2020-01-02T08:07:13-05:00

Camp Chayolei’s kid-friendly menu offers campers plenty to eat. All meals are served family-style in the dining hall, with bunks eating together at assigned tables. Breakfast usually includes a hot item and cereal with hard boiled eggs always available. Lunch and dinner usually include a hot entrée, as well as salad. Fresh fruit is available at all times. We make accommodations for campers on special allergy or health-related diets. In the afternoon there is a snack served daily and campers receive milk and cookies at the end of afternoon sports (see our sample menu for a closer look).

Are care packages allowed?2020-01-02T22:09:10-05:00

All campers like to receive packages from home, and as long as they are items permitted at camp we encourage these shipments however they are limited to 1 package per week and 2LB in weight. We suggest shipping via UPS. or using the discounted shipping at the  “post mark-it” at 383 Kingston Ave. 718 774 1990.

What happens if my child gets sick while at camp?2020-01-02T22:09:40-05:00

It is our hope that every camper will remain healthy and fully able to participate in all aspects of camp life all summer long. Just in case, though, Camp has a range of systems in place to manage health care issues that may arise. The Camp’s infirmary is staffed by medical professionals all summer long – usually a nurse or an EMT with experience. We supervise the dispensing of medication 3 times a day. A Medical Form with comprehensive information will be all we need to take great care of your child while at camp. If your child has a virus that is contagious, depending on the case he may need to be taken home till it passes.

What if my child’s birthday occurs during camp?2020-01-02T08:08:07-05:00

Birthdays that occur during the Camp session will be celebrated. This observance is not only a treat for the camper, but a lot of fun for everyone. Ever had a birthday party with 200 friends in attendance? Please do not send food of any kind for your child’s birthday. Your child will be able to call home the evening of the birthday.To order a cake to be served at your child’s birthday, please call our office with a credit card to place the order with the camp administration.Also please follow up with a call to his head counselor.

What kind of clothing should my child bring to camp?2020-01-02T08:08:41-05:00

Dress Code (general)In order to maintain a chasidishe atmosphere please do not send the following items or similar ones. Jeans, T-shirts and polo shirts with goyishe pictures or expressions, leather yarmulkes, shorts, or sleeveless T-shirts.

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